Dogs; loyal friends, trusted companions – there are no shortage of terms to describe what our canine pals mean to us. I couldn’t imagine my life without a dog at my side, if I had to think of just one word that sums up the contribution these funny, loyal, smart creatures bring to our lives, it would be JOY!


In a tech-fixated world, where everyone's glued to their phones, dogs force people back to real life, to pay attention to a living being. Dogs are anti-modern, they make people happy and this can only be a good thing. I owe my dog so much; she has grounded me and taught me to appreciate living in the moment. I'd take her everywhere if only I could. 

Here are my top ten reasons for why everyone should let a dog into their life.

1. A dog offers the most loyal companionship you could ever hope for.

 Following you from room to room, snuggling up for a nap to accompanying you on weekend breaks and evenings out, a dog will be your friend for life.

2. A dog will bring joy and laughter to your life

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much since being a dog owner. Dogs are funny and bring fun to your life. Fact.

3. Never will you feel lonely again

Impossible to feel lonely when you have a wagging tail accompanying you wherever you go!

4. Your four legged friend will give you a reason to get outdoors and exercise (even on the days when you don’t feel like it) yes this is a good thing! 

Not good in the mornings? Struggle to muster energy for the day ahead? Your four-legged friend will help you out of this rut and into the fresh air.

5. If you’re accompanied by a dog, you can talk to anyone and anyone can talk to you – about anything.. 

This takes a bit of getting used to for sure, and at times (like when you need to be somewhere fast) can be annoying, though overall a makes for a great icebreaker and possible friendship builder.

6. Enjoy conversing with your friend, they will always be in agreement with a guarantee never to answer back (other than an occasional woof). 

Now that’s love.

7. Unconditional love

Its just a given. Your dog will dote on you even when you don’t rightly deserve to be. Don’t take this for granted, it is a rare quality and should be appreciated.

8. A reason to immerse yourself in nature

Your dog will teach you to embrace the great outdoors, opening your eyes to the beauty of mother nature.

9. Dogs have the unique attributes of picking up on emotions and will be there to offer their love during your very darkest times

Even at your lowest ebb, that wagging tail and those fluffy paws will offer you the lift you need.

10. If it weren’t for any of the above, wouldn’t it be worth it for THAT greeting when you arrive home?!

My ultimate fave moment with my fluffy girl is the homecoming greeting I receive, whether it be after five weeks, days or minutes, it never fails to put a smile on my face.

In return for the above, as a dutiful dog owner you will be expected to do the following;

Provide food at expected regular times. Dogs have an acute sense of time and love nothing more than a steady regime, especially where food is concerned. Your little mutt will instantly recognize if it is too long past the hour of feeding time.

Accompany your furry friend on their walkies, whatever the weather – a happy dog is a healthy dog, don’t you know.

Put up with mud/sand in your car, wet dog smell, picking up doggie poop and having to sweep the floor more than once a day.

Engage in PLAY – oh yes - too tired, have a hangover, prefer to read your book? Forget it, when you canine companion decides upon play mode, they won’t give up easily.

Ditch any kind of sartorial elegance when dog walking, practical clothing is a necessary must, especially being a dog owner in the UK.

Unless you’re amongst the hardhearted, be prepared to give in every time to those soulful eyes and cute begging tactics surface.

Accept that the odd embarrassing encounter and numerous apologies go hand in hand with being a dog owner. Your cute pooch found its way into the kitchen of a doggie friendly gastro pub? Not so cute when all guests eyes are on the chef carrying the furry bundle back to your table.

Do you love being the centre of attention? You won’t when your dog steals a sausage from a family beach barbeque (swallow me now ground).


Jumps up and puts muddy paw marks on your friends white jeans.


Humps your leg when you give a friend a goodbye hug (yes this really does happen).


Realise there is nowhere to hide when you arrive in the park sans poo bags and your pooch does a pile of poop in full view of everyone. There’s only one thing to do - regain stature, work facial muscles into your most apologetic look and politely ask the sweet old lady with the westies if she’d mind lending (giving) you a poo bag so you can too be a responsible dog owner.


Your fluffy friend goes bounding up to someone you’re desperately trying to avoid at a local dog walking spot.


Barks their head off at the front door when you’re pretending (unsuccessfully) to be out.

Yes, our furry friends have a lot to answer for, though still we shower them with continuous love and affection and see ourselves as their true friends (though some may say servants). The relationship is symbiotic, in return for their doting love and undeniable ability to cheer us up when we’re down, we repay them with treats, toys, endless walks and pampering, suffering the embarrassing encounters with an unmeasurable ease. Once you let a dog into your life, it becomes an endless tug game of who is boss, though for the infinite love, licks, wags, joy and laughter they bring, its one tug game you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

I don’t need therapy I have a cockerpoo!

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