Embrace a seasonal shift, the sliding palette of the world from late summer into autumn, and learn how to love the shortened days, finding comfort in all things cosy. 

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October was for thoughts, dusting off the dregs of the sand, the taste of morello cherry ice-cream and the last of the sun rays, moving into the golden months, a time for consolidation and renewal, being kind, letting go of the past, and letting love in. 

I’m a November baby, possibly one of the reasons I simply adore this time of year, perhaps it manifests from within – a kind of rebirth, embracing all that is new. Over the past month I’ve been in awe of nature – its beautiful medley of rusty leaves and buttery light, the sunsets low. I’ve been enjoying longer walks and embracing the early chill, childlike I’ve been deeply satisfied with crunching leaves beneath my feet and watching the patterns of nature, the shedding trees with their intense autumnal colours and the shifting shapes of the clouds. I’ve also lost count of the times I’ve repeated the words ‘ those pink skies are so dreamy’.

Autumn Leaves

So one of the reasons I love autumn, I feel it is a time to embrace the new, be bold and relish in the feeling of transition, shedding what is no longer serving you. I love this feeling of the layers peeling away, metaphorically speaking this could be anything that is no longer benefiting, bringing you joy or making your heart sing!

Find your focus and watch what unfolds around you; it’s true that when we’re focused, not worrying about the distractions of ‘stuff’ happening around us, things shift, take shape and begin to happen. 

It’s not always easy of course, juggling such busy daily lives, but I honestly believe that finding focus is a wonderful tool within the changing of fortunes, creating a sense of happiness. 

Moving with the seasons doesn’t come easy for all, there is the much talked about SAD disorder that effects so many, when the light –saving hours come into play. I too, always feel a sense of quiet sadness at the end of summer, though slowly come around to the sinking sun and the colours of autumn, bringing their own special magic. 

Autumn Walk

Here are some of the things I love about fall, I hope that they help to inspire you, to embrace nesting in autumnal delights. 

Dreamiest sunsets– The sun is at its lowest in the sky, during October and November, making the sunsets, by far the most dramatic of the year.

All the colours – Dreamiest golden hues and vivid reds bring the season alive with a rare magic. 

Countryside walks– Soak up the beauty of the autumnal countryside with a lengthy walk, ideally with a four-legged friend.

Sitting by a log fire – Cosy up by the glow of a log fire, the faint crackle has the most comforting background sound. 

Hot beverages – Be it a winter tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine or even a hot gin, this time of year calls for plenty of warming drinks by the open fire. 

Autumnal dining – It’s the time of year to hunker down with friends and family and indulge in hearty dishes, from a seasonal strew or a slow cooked roast to a root vegetable soup, relish in the rich depth of the flavour of autumn. 

Having a hottie, every night – For fellow hot water bottle lovers, this is the time of year, you get to snuggle down with your favourite bed companion, every night!

Long baths – nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a heavenly bath, a chance to while away the hours with a good book, enveloped in some of your favourite scents. 

Winter wardrobe– style your winter look with all the coziest layers, a chic coat will do all the talking an outfit needs, accessorize with boots, scarves and hats for a pretty, seasonal look. 

Revamp your look – there’s no better time of year to refresh your makeup pouch than autumn, the season of renewal; so why not ditch the products that no longer take pride of place and revamp your look with a little seasonal colour, for a fresh mood. 

The September issue – The biggest fashion issues land on our desks! September onwards is about investing in those much lusted-over items, and braving some new fashion trends. 

Crunching Leaves

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