I’ve always been a lover of sleeping close to nature, whether it be next to a log burner in a meadow yurt, lounging in a geodesic pod with panoramic coastal views or in a hammock under the stars. So when the opportunity arose to review a treehouse in Cornwall for a travel feature I was writing, I positively jumped at the chance.

Memories of ‘The Faraway Tree’ come to mind - the joyous feeling of escaping the humdrum of everyday life to a distant place. High in the branches of a tree, a place where life seems suddenly lighter, allowing space to breathe, exhaling all anxieties, leaving them far below.

Life high in the branches of a tree, not only feels like an escape but an adventure!

However, this was no ordinary treehouse, rather one with a few of the comforts that I’m hard pushed to be without, making it all the more desirable.

 Atlantic Farm, situated at Stratton, five minutes drive from the coast of Bude in Cornwall, offers all of the above rolled into one. The Ocean View Treehouse is found six metes up, a beautifully crafted bolthole, perched up in the tree, looking out towards Widemouth Bay and miles of open country.  Boasting a breathtaking 360-degree vista from the upper terrace, it’s easy to see why this back-to-basics retreat holds such special memories to those who have stayed within its heights.

 The twenty-six acre farm faces south and reaps the benefits of great weather. Being so sheltered means it is often much warmer and less windy than it can be on the coast. This I discovered during my stay, making the most of the upstairs and downstairs terrace from barbequeing and sunning myself to star-gazing with a baileys hot chocolate.

Atlantic Farm remains a working farm, home to sheep, pigs, chickens, alpacas, geese and turkeys, amidst allotments, growing various vegetables including rhubarb, berries and potatoes. The livestock supplies the onsite farm shop with its free-range produce, ideal for guests’ barbequing on site.

Now home to five cottages, fifteen surf pods, one treehouse and a camp site set apart in a neighbouring field, the farm offers the perfect back to basics getaway with a little added comfort. 

Ocean View Treehouse has been built high, amidst the branches of a large Macrocarpa tree at the bottom of the large farm garden. There is no doubt that the treehouse allows for some of the best views across the farm and beyond.

The treehouse is particularly unique in that it is the only one of its kind, where the tree actually grows up through the middle of the house - bringing nature to the interior.

Though not completely eco friendly, it runs on low energy. Made from timber with a Perspex roof that is half clear, it offers an unforgettable stay. It has been designed for couples looking for somewhere unique, the perfect hideaway for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peace and quiet of the rural surrounds.

Ocean View Treehouse is designed to offer a back-to basics escape, though it is not without its comforts. Easily accessed by a stairway, there is a 20 square meter floor area, equipped with a double bed, kettle, combi-microwave, electric cool box and effective Dyson heating. The roof is clear on the north side and shaded on the south giving a wonderful feeling of space with led lighting adding a cosy atmosphere to the evenings. At ground level there is a bathroom, barbequing area and secret alfresco heated shower.

For me, the most exclusive feature had to be the panoramic views from the upper terrace, perfect for star-gazing on a clear night.  Sleeping within the heights of the tree itself was also unbeatable, listening to the rustling and swaying of the branches, with the distant sound of farm animals, emphasizing the natural surrounds.

The ethos behind the project was to bring an element of the outdoors inside, within the comfort of a unique space, where guests can feel close to nature.

Perfect for those who want a more interesting escape – camping without the hassle of camping, a five star experience without being in a hotel or cottage. The vision was very much about bringing true glamping back to nature, for those who crave a different contact with the great outdoors. 

Sleeping close to nature is good for you!

Not only is sleeping close to nature fun, it has been proven that there are many health benefits attached.

Here are my top five!

  1. Enjoy a better nights sleep! Waking up to natural light will help release the correct amount of melatonin at the end of the day, encouraging a natural sleep.
  2. Boost your mood, lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones - contributing to better overall mental and physical health.
  3.     A back to basics ways of sleeping has proven to help with conditions such as insomnia and depression

  4. Spending more time in natural surrounds has been linked to improved attention spans and a boost in serotonin levels as well as helping to reset the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

5.      Trade high-pitched sirens and alarms for the natural sounds found on a farm or by the coast, to gain some balance.

Ocean View Treehouse certainly brought some balance to my week - a rare experience, where simplicity of life is celebrated with visions of the night sky and the stillness of the rural surrounds. The experience was memorable for sure, allowing me to take a little of the simple life back home. There is much to be said for sleeping so close to nature, especially with all mod cons to hand, it would be hard not to enjoy the exclusivity of staying in this rural Cornish hideaway.

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