My blog wouldn’t be complete without introducing my lovable companion – Partridge!

Partridge is a six year-old chocolate cockerpoo (cocker spaniel crossed with miniature poodle). She is an energetic fur ball of fun and (I may be bias) the cutest little pooch I have ever known with a ‘surprise and delight’ white tuft on her chest. She has been with me since she was just four months and over the course of time we have become absolutely inseparable.

Relaxing at ANRAN House, Devon

Relaxing at ANRAN House, Devon

She was the runt of the litter, comprising of three brothers and two sisters and at just 10kg remains small for her breed. The story goes - she had been purchased by a lady in Surrey, though due to terrible January snow and blizzards, fate would have it, she wasn’t able to make the journey to Somerset and so it was written.

The decision of getting a dog, was not one taken lightly and I remember agonizing for weeks as to whether or not it would be a could idea. It was my ex-husband who first raised the subject of getting a dog, something he had been keen on for years and finally after a little talking around, I succumbed. Looking back, my main worry was that as a freelancer, working from home, the majority of the responsibility of dog-walking etc would fall with me and sure enough this is how it ended up, though I can wholeheartedly say, this little four-legged girl has changed my life, in the best possible way.

‘Dogs make you happy!’ a man once said to me as I petted a dog, smiling at its wagging tail, as it waited for its owner outside of a deli. This I couldn’t agree with more! Partridge has brought so much joy to my life, enriching it in more ways than words will allow. She is the friendliest  pooch I could ask for and her good qualities don’t stop there - she is also funny, sociable, intelligent, inquisitive, a little mischevious, patient and the most loving being I have ever had the privilege of keeping company with.  There is a saying relating to dogs and their owners that goes along the lines of ‘You can either just put up with each other or you can be crazy about each other and that is when a truly loyal and inimitable friendship is formed. If you couldn’t already tell, we fit into the latter, she fits my lifestyle and together we have formed a rather symbiotic relationship, the kind that is rare and should always be cherished. 

Never mind a man’s best friend, P and I are joined at the hip.  She is my adoring shadow, who’s little fluffy face is always sure to perk me up, making me smile when everything else is falling apart. The idyllic companion, she is happy to laze with me on Sundays, accompany me to gatherings and parties and keep me company on my travels. In return, I ensure she gets the healthiest diet and plenty of fresh air and exercise, even on the most wet and windy days (of which there are many). 

Over the years, through good times and bad, our friendship has grown and I can honestly say we have developed a mutual trust and understanding along with an unbreakable bond. Dogs are hard work, especially in their early years and there is effort required for sure, but if you have the time and the commitment, the rewards are unimaginable.

Now that’s paws for thought .. 

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