In todays ‘need to have it all’ culture, it’s so easy to get caught up in what we haven’t yet achieved and what we’d like to be happening, rarely do we enjoy just being in the moment, appreciating and feeling happy with smaller things that are going on in our daily lives. One of the things I am trying to focus on, is appreciating the simple things in life that make me a happier and healthier person. Below are five good things for the month of June.

01.  If you’re reading this, finally my website has gone live! After months of hard work, choosing a template, building the site, (a true test of patience for someone not that tech savvy), writing content, editing images, hours spent choosing colours and fonts and ensuring my SEO is on point, my experiences can now be shared and I can add my web address to business cards, emails and social media – something I have been excited about for the past six months! It’s been a challenge, though I’m thrilled to finally have a platform that enables people to read about my journey, what I’ve achieved in the world of editorial and follow my blog in areas such as travel, style & interiors, beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle.

02.  Summer is finally here, so I can now go about taking the roof off my little MR2 convertible. I love my car, she is a true beauty, I enjoy nothing more than burning through the countryside with the sun shining down on me, wind blowing in my hair. What with the perils of living in the UK, this is something that has been somewhat of a challenge, with all of the unpredictable weather. And as beautiful as she is, she does have a design flaw or two when the soft top goes on, however, the joys of driving 'sans roof' far outweigh a few showers, so this week the roof is officially coming off!

03.  In two weeks time, I will be escaping the UK to embark on a road trip along the Pacific Coast High Way, California - a dream trip, beginning in San Francisco and ending in San Diego. It’s been over ten years since I was last in the states and I haven’t visited the west coast before – I’m longing for warmer climes,  wide palmed sidewalks, ice-cream drive-ins, Mustangs and big breakfasts, burning down the open roads, with a play list that is emblematic of an adventure in the sunshine state. Watch this space in the travel blog!

 04.  Tennis – I’m getting back into a sport I have always loved. Being on court is one of my happy places and somewhere, over time I’ve come to feel truly at ease. I’ve taken the extra step this season and signed up for improver coaching sessions at my local club. A few sessions in and my volleys are looking cleaner, my forehand drive more precisioned and my ball toss (the hardest thing to get right in tennis) straighter with added height. My good friend Emma and I played out in all weathers last year, so we’re LOVING being out on court in the sunshine.

05.  This coming weekend, I have no plans at all other than to sort my wardrobe for California and read, read, read. I am nearing the end of my current novel ‘A Wolf Called Romeo’ by Nick Jans – a true story of how a black Alaskan wolf captured the hearts of a community. This book has been such an insightful read, pulling at my love for nature, wildlife and living with a canine friend. It is a truly beautiful and thoughtfully written book, one that will stay with me, as the spirit of Romeo stayed with the people of Juneau. 

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