My obsession with hand cream continues, the journey to find the perfect formula has spanned some thirty something years.. COULD I HAVE finally found ‘the one’, here’s hoping I can now live in balanced harmony. 

Hands up who thinks hand cream is a boring beauty buy? Once you’ve tried Bjork & Berries Swedish Ecoluxury hand cream, I guarantee you will think again. Not only is the packaging stunning, simple, chic and designed with soft hues, the natural and organic crème is easily absorbed and contains protective and nourishing ingredients such as organic sea buckthorn, witch hazel and aloe vera. The collections are inspired by the seasons including Dark Rain, reminiscent of the first rainy autumn day, Never Spring, a scent inspired by the longing for spring that never arrives and White Forest, a sensual and melodramatic perfume of wood and fresh forest air in middle of summer.

The hand creams are undoubtedly the best I’ve tried, this is partly due to the beautiful fragrances that really do seem to tell a story – they are the kind of scents that beckon you to smell them over and over, trying to detect and pick apart the top notes from the ascending notes, they are familiar, yet rare all at once. For me, possibly even higher on the agenda, is the consistency of the cream. I don’t want a lotion that leaves my hands greasy, I want a cream that is easily absorbed, yet feels like it is working to condition my skin, rather than sitting on the surface, as so many seem to do and this has always been my issue with hand creams, they just don’t seem to do the job they’re meant for. With many brands in the past, I have found myself having to reapply over and over to keep my hands well nourished, when really, one application should last a good few hours.

A further plus side, the large sizes come in a pump action bottle where a little goes a long way. The smaller 75ml tubes are perfect handbag size and the mini 30mls great for taking away.

Whilst all the scents are heavenly, my personal fave is Never Spring – a fresh and green, yet crisp and cold scent that includes birch, lemon and cedarwood – describing our long and never ending longing for Spring and the wonderful feeling when the first signs appear in the black and white landscapes. 

Dark Rain is also intoxicating and really transports you to that first day of rain, where the air is still warm, skin still tanned, summer lingering in the air, by a fine thread, a shift from the long hot days to a more autumnal story where light is lower and the pace of our minds slowly drift.

Bjork & Berries are more than just a hand cream, not only are they kind to skin and nature, they do what they say, gently healing and nourishing, all the while telling a story, transporting you with a scent to a higher realm of beauty. 

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